Once apon a time, in the western world, there was the Fountain of Youth. Located in a western world, in Texas, and also in California and in between, it was the promise of grand style, and a real life in that grand style. It started in many places, including in the dust of the dessert. Even so, it was about economics, enough economics so that girls could be beautiful and everyone had something to protect. It was not about starvation, it was about doing the right thing - and getting rich at the same time.

Ultimately though, the idea innately, was to fight to the death. Interesting and easy to say, because there was really no way to die. If the body died, you just got another one, with a little time.

Universal cycles are very long-term time-wise. It is nice to live a million years, and that is a small time to the spaces that lead to places so very far away, that you cannot really ever go there. You can, however, help to create protection mechanisms, or in other words, the restoration of love, and that is territorial.

The real nature of love is power. Because it takes power to love, love by its nature, sits and waits. That is all that is needed because competition will cease to exist by default, whereever and since the opposing negativity cannot stand nor exist without power.

From an energy perspective, love is intelligent. Love dominates because it can calculate. Love wants to be happy all the time and it has the ability to be safe all the time. Love waits and it conquers by default.